Knowlytes is a new dynamic PFP Collection built on the Ethereum Blockchain about 11,111 interstellar travelers living among humans,using their A.I. (Alien Intelligence) to create the next big NFT Innovation. They also love movies – that’s why some of the disguises might look familiar..


To build an innovative and fun NFT rocket ship that will go the moon and beyond and gives each holder a fair chance of improving their rarity score over time.


Yes, it seems we are in a bear market. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the tech. Creating new disguises, hunting rarities while being in control of this project through our DAO will keep the spirit high regardless of the macro.


People that can look beyond the ups/downs of the market, deeply care about blockchain technology and want to be part of a new kind of NFT project that has the potential to become a true blue chip project.

Each NFT represents an Ethereum based Knowlyte Employee ID

  • Generative NFT Collection (11,111 pcs.)
  • Price: 0.111 ETH
  • Mint-Date: TBA
  • Animated PFPs
  • 9 initial traits

1. Headwear (dynamic)

2. Ears (dynamic)

3. Glasses (dynamic)

4. Nose (dynamic)

5. Facewear (dynamic)

6. Bodywear(dynamic)

7. Generation(static)

8. Workplace (static)

9. Alias (static)

The Hunt for Rarities is on!

  • Once a month Holders can swap one dynamic trait in the Dressing Room

  • Some of the wearables might even look familiar

  • Rarities will be recalculated based on handlers‘ selections.

  • If the ratity of an specific item falls under a the threshold of 5% this item will be made unavailable to other holders and therefore rarity of the NFT increases

  • Rarest 1% Knowlytes will receive extra perks (e.g. $KNOWledge Multiplier)

  • Static Traits cannot be changed

User changes value of any dynamic trait before end of month

NFT changes based on Selection 1st of month

Rarities to be recalculated based on holder´s selection

If Value rarity <5% Value will be locked and cannot be selected by other holders anymore

Fun & engaging mechanics are waiting for you!

  • Fun & engaging project keeping Holders engaged with plenty of room to flesh out lore in the future (e.g. ,burning Knowlytes, 3rd party to hunt them)

  • The Community will be included in the process of designing new Items and Wearables for the 2nd wave

  • Access to Pre-Sale for 2nd wave

  • Employee/Style of the Month Award

  • Access to Knowlyte DAO

Our Leadership Team is rich in Experience as they have visited many Worlds before coming to Earth.

Abe Lyte

  • Financial Expert & Analyst
  • Product Development

Johny Lyte

  • Product Design
  • Marketing & PR Guru

Mission Control will ensure this projects delivers high quality and stays safe for all its holders.

  • Blockchain Development/ Cryptocurrency/Dapp/ Defi/NFT

Your expert software development team for emerging tech


Pixune is an art studio, a place for your dreams. we can make them come true with games and animations.

There is much room for Expansion & making this a true Blue Chip Project.

  • Metaverse Experiences
  • Stealth/Spy Game
  • Licencing Opportunities (Cosmics, Cartoon Series)
  • IRL "Eyes Wide Shut" parties making use of Physical Wearables
  • Merchandise
  • Partnerships (Clothing, wearables, Fashion labels, Accessor, etc.)

Join the Knowlytes INNER CIRCLE

  • Apply now for our inner circle
  • Mint 1 Knowlyte NFT for FREE instead of 0.111 ETH!
  • Get exclusive early access to the Dressing Room where you can swap disguises for your Knowlyte
  • Vote on which disguises will make it into the final collection
  • Become a crucial part of this future blue chip & create the roadmap together with us!
  • Registration will close after 1,111 registrations – be fast!